Hall Improvement

2 Weeks before our May 2018 event!

What a dreadful Spring – freezing, damp conditions – the very worst scenario that we could imagine as we attemp to redecorate our Hall.

That’s all behind us now and our last 2 weeks of warm sunshine has been just what the “Doctor ordered” and with the help of so many of our volunteers with painting and cleaning in particular, we’ve moved the project to a position where the

– Heating Engineer has been able to install the boiler – and following our first delivery of oil, yes we have both heating and hot water!






The Carpenter has fitted the skirting boards and architrave and hung the doors – things are now really moving forward


– The Electrican has made sense of the myriad of wires, connected up the sockets, fitted “dimmers” to the main Hall Lights, tested and certified all our circuits – yes we now have electricity throughout and at both ends of the Hall.So to the finishing touches, and the list seems endless. Painting, sealing the Hall floor, fitting and commissioning the appliances in our new kitchen, a new kitchen floor, re-siting the noticeboards, the clock, our signage, the Health and Safety requirements and yes everything down to new loo seats.





Will everything be ready – you bet it will, and we’re looking forward to the Plant Sale and Garden Cafe over the late May Bank Holiday.

Check out our fabulous Hall -see you there!

Hall Improvement

So…Whats happened in the last 2 weeks!!!

In answer to the question – we’ve had our Summer!!!!
Overall the last two weeks have been dreadful, with the exception of the two days its been really cold and very, very damp – the very worst conditions for painting.
It’s really amazing the skills that between us, Ormside possess, none less important than our now retired painter, who has demonstrated upper body strength akin to Arnold Schwarzenegger, as he wielded giant rollers loaded with paint as though they were a box of tissues!!!  the overall result is impressive as you can see below:
just a few areas to touch up and the Main Hall walls and ceiling are painted.
The overall progress hasn’t stopped there – with the kitchen painted (just final coats to the door frame and Velux) and kitchen units in the process of being fitted
The lobby is also progressing well, with base coats on most things, the cupboard painted out and the new boiler in position
 and even outside, the last few days of sunshine have allowed us to make a start on transforming the exterior – and already we can see what an improvement “a lick of paint” can make (just look at that lovely BLUE SKY!!)
So – what of the forthcoming week? All the “sears” predict at best an average week (“When the ass begins to bray – surely rain will come that day!”). There are, though, a number of areas to be painted around the lobby and toilets, door frames and the suchlike, and if anyone fancies the challenge – Capticks have given me a sample of a “Magic Potion” which they (almost) guarantee will bring the lobby floor back to normal (just enough to trial around the boiler so we’re not looking at the full floor…..yet!).
In terms of volunteers – Monday is a bad day to visit the Hall as the boiler flue is being fitted (so please don’t turn up – there wont be the space to allow you to “express” yourselves) and our Carpenter is looking to do a day on either Thursday or Friday (yet to be confirmed) but throughout the rest of the week – if you find yourselves at a loose end for a few hours -we should be able to find you some painting (if you have a favourite paint brush – feel free to bring it!).
Please call in or give me a call to check (07775 822610) – I look forward to seeing you throughout the week.
Hall Improvement

As we approach the Easter weekend – how are we doing?

In short – really well!

Despite my doubts last weekend, regarding being able to reach our deadline for the start of the plastering phase we did it – a really tremendous effort by no few fewer than 11 of our neighbours giving up their time to ensure that everything was ready.

And then just as we were completing the securing of the insulation and plasterboard “fixing” the  Plasterers phoned up on Sunday evening asking if they could start their work a week earlier. Because of our efforts we were able to take advantage of this offer.

Main Hall 1
Main Hall2







Kitchen Wall
Lobby Cupboard







As we stand on Good Friday, the kitchen wall has been plastered together the 4 walls of the main Hall  (just the inside of two windows to complete). That leaves the lobby and the new cupboard to be done, by what they promise to be next weekend.

Obviously, there now needs to be a period during which the plaster dries out – but things will be ready for the delivery of our new kitchen on Thursday 12 April.

We are now slightly ahead of schedule and I’m looking at anything that we can pull forward without damaging what are, for the moment ‘soft’ finishings to the walls.

Additionally, the plinth for the Oil Tank is now complete – another “back breaking” job – thank you to all involved.

Our completed Plinth

Way ahead of our “Phase 4” external landscaping initiative – I’m sure that you’ll already have noticed the tremendous improvement to the hedging in the area around the entrance (and thank you for all the positive comments that we’ve received about this improvement). Obviously, it was important to do any of this type of work ahead of any nesting birds and to allow nature to “take its course” over the imminent, forthcoming growing season. With April now only a day away, any further work will have to be scheduled for later in the year.

The amazing view from our Hall window

The next big drive will be painting – but more about that during the next couple of weeks.

Hall Improvement

3 weeks in and an awful lot done!

Our view from our Hall Window after some intensive gardening work
At the end of our 3rd week we are pretty much running to schedule.
We have:
  • All of the Hall stripped out and re-cladded with insulation (we still have the lobby and kitchen to complete and this is now a priority)
  • The new window is fitted
  • New window sills fitted throughout.
  • All windows fully insulated and boarded
  • “First-fix” electrical wiring completed
  • “First-fix” piping for the Central Heating installed
  • The trench for the oil pipe dug
  • The plinth to house the Oil tank started (this needs to be a focus for us to complete over the next couple of weeks)
  • Main Hall and Kitchen roof spaces fully insulated (the Lobby still to be completed)
Insulation around the windows
First Fix “Electrics” in the Kitchen
Piping for our Central           Heating




The trench for the Oil Pipe



Roof Space – Insulated
Apart from the outstanding work above (lobby and kitchen wall insulation, oil tank plinth and lobby loft insulation) we are now able to focus on ‘rebuilding’ our Hall.
I do have some concern about the weather delaying an important delivery of our plaster boards tomorrow (Monday 19th) and so to achieve our plan for the Plasterers to complete their work w/c 2 April, we do need a drive to get the boards up by the Easter Holiday weekend.
Our work focus during the next few weeks will be as follows:
W/C 19 & 26 March 2018
  • Finish off the “battening” in main hall
  • Clad external wall in the Kitchen and lobby with insulation and board
  • Screw final plasterboards to the battening in the Main Hall
W/C 2 April 2018
  • Complete the Oil Plinth
  • Build Cupboard in the Lobby
  • Insulate the roof space above the Lobby
 In order to keep the momentum going we could do with about 4 volunteers to cut the plasterboards to size and to fix them to the wall. If anyone can spare a few hours next Friday/Saturday or Sunday ( 23-25 March) it will be very much appreciated – please bring along your screwdriver (Phillips Head) and a Stanley Knife/ Plasterboard knife. Please just drop me a line confirming your availability that I can plan the time.
We’ve turned the corner, and although the finishing line is still some way off – we can at least SEE IT!
Hall Improvement

Where has 250metres of wood batons gone?

As promised, it’s been a quieter week from a village participation point of view, but never-the-less we’ve achieved a lot and already the Hall is transformed – we now have 8 inches of insulation in the loft to complement  the insulation on the walls, but perhaps more importantly from a visual perspective, we now have a window in the kitchen – and what a difference it makes!





                                                             This is a huge improvement to the kitchen

also below, (the boring bit – but probably the worst job of the whole renovation)  the insulated roof space

Although its only Thursday, I’m afraid that work on the hall has now finished until next week – we’ve run out of materials! Somewhere in the Hall is 250metres of battening wood – and I’ve now ordered a further 56m which should be delivered on Tuesday.

Next week (w/c11th), our work requirements are again “light”. We’re looking to fit new window sills, clad the window surrounds making ready for the Electrician and Heating Engineer to do their bits.

In terms of volunteers, Steve and I would welcome couple of extra hands to build the Oil Tank Plinth and dig a trench for the oil pipe – both need completing by the end of next week. Please give me a call (07775 822610)

We look forward to hearing from you!