Hall Improvement

w/c 25 Feb – With every day, you can see the progress

As I left on Monday afternoon – after our “happy band” cleared all the site rubbish to Kirkby Stephen recycling centre and having taken delivery of a large order of miscellaneous building supplies – the insulation was beginning to go up

Tuesday was a slower day but we’re still progressing

By Wednesday – “THE BEAST” had landed and we all woke to a very picturesque village snow scene:

Undetered a small band battled on:

One wall is now fully cladded and a second half completed – with two of the window sills rebuild – about 1/3 completed – Thank you to all involved!

Thursday, we all decided, was our day of rest (and it was just as well with the snow really taking a grip of the village, but everyone is hoping for “big days” on Friday and Saturday Morning before we pack up at 4.00 pm at the latest.

Saturday 3 March

I’m afraid that today we broke our 4.00 finish rule! With just half a dozen batons to fix we edged closer and closer to 5.00pm

But ………… We finished this stage1 – The Hall completed and the Main Hall cladded in insulation material!  a great job only managed through the efforts of us all – be proud of a good job. We now wait for our tradesmen to complete their work before we have another drive towards completion and the end of this month.

So what does it look like today?






Great job!

Watch this space for updates on progress.

Hall Improvement

Our Hall Improvement starts here!

There’s only one thing occupying our thoughts currently – Our improvement Project

On Sunday 25 February, immediately after our Quiz night, we started our renovation project and what a start – within hours all of the old cladding and the kitchen was stripped out. A terrific start with everyone involved making a real contribution and a difference – well done. We’re up at the Hall most days – pop in if you find yourself at a loose end all help very welcome.
Below is just a selection from our already growing picture gallery:














Hall Improvement

Progress with our Village Hall upgrade

The Hall that we started with in February 2018

Village Hall1

Work on the Village Hall upgrade will start in Spring 2018

The Committee has been successful in raising funds for what we have previously call Phase1 and Phase2 of a 4 phase program to deliver the Hall that we have previously presented and is currently illustrated on the Ormside Village Hall – Revised Plan below.

To remind you:

Phase1- Main Hall

A total overhaul with:
Removal of existing wall coverings
Improved insulation
Improved Heating and the installation of Hot Water

Phase 2 – Kitchen and Lobby/Toilet Areas

A total overhaul with:
New Kitchen and cooking facilities
Creation of a welcoming Entrance Hall
Redecorated and improved Toilets

Phase 3 – New Supper Room /Hall Extension

Phase 4 – Access and Landscaping

Hall Improvement

Ormside Village Hall – Revised Plan

Unfortunately, the village was unsuccessful with their application to the lottery, and the Improvement group set about revising their plans to:

  1. Meet the outcomes from the original village questionnaire
  2. Minimise the building work to meet a £100k budget

After a lot of debate, and revisions the plan below was presented to the village at the AGM on 20 February 2017.

screen-shot-2017-02-21-at-12-36-16 screen-shot-2017-02-21-at-12-37-13

Whilst the sketches were only indicative, they did gain the approval of the meeting and the Improvement Group will now undertake more detailed plans, together with costings with which to proceed for grant applications and Planning Approval.