Website Policy

Registered Charity No: 523074

Ormside Village Hall Website Policy and Procedure


Currently the Ormside Village Hall Treasurer is also the Website Editor of the village website known as ‘Ormside Ramblings’.

This document outlines the scope and responsibilities for the production of the village website.


As part of a wider communication strategy, the website is charged with:

a)    Raising the awareness of Ormside and its surrounding area, in order to optimize support for Village Hall fund raising activities.

b)    Information regarding Village Hall events.

c)    Providing information regarding village activities and plans

d)    Providing a source of data of local contacts

e)    Reflecting Ormside Village life

f)     Other activities as directed by the Ormside Village Hall Committee


The Website Editor has responsibility for all Website content and is accountable to the Ormside Village Hall Committee.

The position of Website Editor should be elected on an annual basis (normally at the Annual General Meeting – election of officers).  For reasons of dispute resolution, the Village Hall Chair must be excluded from the position of Village Hall Website Editor.

The Website Editor should attempt to optimise involvement from all residents within the Ormside area. This information should include appropriate photographs, noteworthy news articles together with any topic likely to be of interest to the village audience.

Names, addresses, telephone numbers or email addresses should not be published on the Village Website without the owner’s permission.

Replies and comments left on the website should be approved by the Website editor, on behalf of the Village Hall Committee, prior to being posted on the Ormside Ramblings website.

Content Guidelines

Description of the Village

Village History

Village Hall Information

Village Events

Village news

Normally, information (or pictures) found in the public domain is considered acceptable.

Wherever practical, pictures of individuals (or small groups) will have given consent prior to publication.

 Resolution of any dispute

The website, is first and foremost, an information vehicle and in the unlikely event of any dispute the following process will be adopted.

  • In the first instance, all concerns should be made informally to the Website Editor verbally or in writing so that the matter can be resolved as swiftly as possible.
  • If the matter is still not felt to have been resolved by the complainant then a formal complaint should be made to the Editor in writing (
  • All complaints should be acknowledged at the earliest opportunity, but within 14 days, with a copy to the Village Hall Chair. Wherever possible a resolution should be reached.
  • In the unlikely event that a resolution cannot be reached between the editor and individual, the Village Hall Committee will take and vote on a final decision (as is normal practice, the Chair would have the casting vote, if necessary).
  • All complaints (together with resolutions and the current status) must be reported to the Village Hall Committee at the next scheduled meeting.

Created November 2015/Reviewed November 2018