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Complaints | Policy and Procedure


The Ormside Village Hall Committee is committed to maintaining its strong partnership with members of the local community and the users of Ormside Village Hall.

We are open to feedback and comments about our work, both positive and negative, as these can provide us with valuable information about our effectiveness and how we can better meet our aims.

If any user of Ormside Village Hall or member of the local community is unhappy about the standard of service provided, the quality of the facilities within the Hall, the safety of users, the handling of a particular situation or issue, or any other matter, Ormside Village Hall Committee would wish to consider rectifying this.

Ormside Village Hall Committee is committed to equality and diversity and takes complaints about discrimination very seriously.

The adoption of a clear complaints procedure will help the Ormside Village Hall Committee to ensure that complaints are resolved quickly and smoothly and as close to the source of the misunderstanding or problem as possible.

Procedure for Handling Complaints

 Ormside Village Hall Committee believes that most complaints can be resolved satisfactorily by informal discussion either over the telephone or through a meeting of the key people involved.

Ormside Village Hall Committee aims to acknowledge complaints within five working days and give a full response to complainants within two weeks. If the complaint is judged to involve complex issues, complainants will be informed within two weeks when they can expect a full response. The main aim throughout the process is to resolve the matter as quickly and effectively as possible, to everybody’s satisfaction.

All safety concerns that would endanger a user of Ormside Village Hall will be dealt with immediately and should be raised with any member of the Ormside Village Hall Committee who should act in order to reduce or remove the risk.

Ormside Village Hall Committee will take every complaint seriously and will treat everyone who complains with respect and courtesy.

1.Stage One: Informal Complaints

Informal complaints should be raised with the Chairperson. The relevant contact

details can be found on the Ormside Village Hall website www.ormsideramblings.comor on the notice board within the Hall.

Complainants who remain dissatisfied at this stage will be informed that they have the opportunity to make a formal complaint.

2.Stage Two: Formal Complaints

Formal complaints should be made in writing and will normally be investigated by the Chairperson in the first instance.

If the complaint directly concerns the Chairperson complainants should contact the Secretary, who will consult with the rest of the committee members.

A written response will be given to all formal complaints. An acknowledgement of receipt of the complaint is to be made within 48hours. A full response is to be made within 7 days unless further investigation is required.

 Monitoring, Evaluation and Review

 The Ormside Village Hall Committee will annually review the outcome of all complaints to inform its policies and practice to ensure the continued improvement in the services provided.

Created September 2015/Reviewed November 2018