Village Quiz Night – February 2016

Ormside Village Quiz Night – February 2016

imagesA great and packed evening – thank you Chris for the organisation and the thought provoking questions – the whole village now knows its Shipping Forecast Regions!

Our Quizmaster "Supreme"
Our Quizmaster “Supreme”
A Sample of the "Bring & Share"
A Sample of the “Bring & Share”







A serious "Quizzer" - performance enhancing drinks AND seeking guidance from a higher authority!
A serious “Quizzer” – with performance enhancing drinks?
It's probably better not to ask ....!!!!
It’s probably better not to ask ….!!!!







Can you lift the coveted Ormside Quiz Crown? Are you someone who can who is just able to retain some of the most obscure facts? or perhaps a neighbour out for a fun evening. Whatever the case (and if previous experience is anything to go by – the last category tend to perform the best!) enter a team and go head-to-head with your neighbours!

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