Tidying the Church grounds – 2015

A Hard Days Work – but a great day in the Sun!

It’s summer, and as in all gardens – its very easy to find that nature is doing its best to reclaim it’s own – even in the gardens of our beautiful church.







However, nature hadn’t counted on our two swarthy landscapers – no job too big, certainly not when it comes to finding an excuse for breaking out the “boys toys”. Strimmers in hand, Clive and Steve won the day and the church grounds look great. Many thanks for a job very well done!

Inevitably, though, nature will not give up its claim for this corner of our village and we’ll be once again asking for volunteers to help. Ladies, your incentive is obvious (in a Ross Poldark sort of way) from the pictures above – and for the guy’s – well I’m sure that between us we can result up a beverage or two. Keep your eyes peeled on this website and the village noticeboards.