Parish Meeting Minutes – 4 May 2016

Meeting held on Wednesday 4th May 2016 at 7.30pm in Colby Village Hall – Approved Minutes

  1. Present were all 9 Parish councillors, Cumbria County Councillor Martin Stephenson, the Clerk and 2 members of the public.
  2. Jean Hutchison was re-elected chairman for her 2nd year of office, being proposed by Ian Sowerby and seconded by Jonathan Wignall.
  3. Ian Sowerby was re-elected vice-chairman for his 2nd year of office being proposed by Jean Hutchison and seconded by Sue Wigley.
  4. There were no apologies for absence.
  5. Declarations of Interest – Dale Williams declared his interest in item 12
  6. The minutes of the meeting dated 3 February as per the minute book were signed as correct with the website minutes requiring minor alterations.
  7. Matters arising out of the minutes:
    1. Drains outside Ormside Lodge have been completed
    2. Extension to 30mph limit in Ormside – The traffic count & speed strips have been installed today (4/5/16) to remain for 1 week, with findings/recommendations to follow from C.C.C.
    3. Condition of Wearisome – Once again E.D.C. has agreed to extend the time for action, by the owner, to board up the windows & repair the damaged front wall until 30 April 2016. No action was evident as of today (4/5/16). Clerk to contact Caroline Brier at E.D.C. once again.
    4. Hard copies of minutes to be sent out to parish councillors – it was agreed the councillors could download their own copies from the website if they so wished with no hard copies to be distributed. The hand written version in the minute book would continue to be read out at the next meeting.
    5. Deadline for inclusion of agenda items – 14 days prior to meeting was approved.
    6. Footbridge & banking over Hoffbeck towards Rutter from Hoff – Countryside Access had inspected the area again & would do repairs as soon as possible.
    7. From the Ward Meetings:
      i) Dislodged logs and decking on footpath towards Bandley Bridge will be attended to by Countryside Access.
      ii) Suggested new footpath from Hoff to Appleby alongside B6260 – Highways have been contacted demonstrating that a similar one had been constructed alongside the A64 Malton to Scarborough road possibly using E.U. money. C.C.C. would research and investigate the possibilities & give a substantive report.
      iii) Extension of Yorkshire Dales National Park – David Dent has attended an introductory meeting on 12 April reporting that the area now had 80 new parishes. The HQ is in Bainbridge with agriculture high on the agenda. They are there to help with planning and not to hinder, wished to support local businesses and were against wind turbines. There is 1 current parish councillor on their committee & are looking to appoint another.
      i) The sleeper bridge over the shallow ditch on the footpath towards Colby Laithes was deemed unnecessary – Countryside Access would remove it.
      AA discretional signs to Wild Rose Park. An Ormside resident had contacted the Highways regarding these & had been informed that they had been approved and would remain in place until or around 2 September. The resident had delivered correspondence accordingly on the clerk’s doorstep. The Clerks correspondence gave a more detailed reply showing the designs and positioning of all 10 950mm x 450m signs. The Clerk expressed her concerns that a resident had doubled up with ongoing parish council business, however councillors felt that anyone could take action into their own hands.
      ii) Positive communications with Wild Rose Park – An Ormside resident had been and talked to the new Manager who had given a good response, they had agreed dog poo and litter was an issue but said their workers were not insured to collect this off site. It was pointed out that despite efforts to communicate with the owners of W.R.P., Harrison Leisure, even inviting them, with acceptance, to a meeting no-one turned up. Also several instances of wilful damage by occupants at W.R.P., had never been resolved with apologies to the injured parties. It was agreed at the ward meeting no further action should take place. At this meeting of Bandleyside (4.5.16) discussion took place resulting in recommending a meeting with 1 or 2 representatives from both parties and thus reversing the wishes of Ormside residents.
      iii) Blind summit sign at the top of Lease Hill – Highways will erect one
      iv) Defibrillator – Enquiries had been made by resident and First Responder, Alan Scott, with BT regarding installing this in the phone box, instead of an earlier suggested siting at the village hall. A majority vote resulted in making an application to BT to commence their 90-day consultation to disconnect the phone. Bandleyside could adopt the box for £1. BT would maintain the electricity supply for 7 years and Dale Williams would obtain quotes for connecting the defibrillator to the electricity supply for Bandleyside’s approval. The clerk is to check insurance status. Thanks were expressed to Alan for obtaining a free defibrillator and dealing with enquiries.
      v) Clean for the Queen. This had mainly centred on 2nd April with 18 residents collecting 33 bags of rubbish. Equipment was borrowed from E.D.C with some residents showing an interest in continuing litter picks as necessary. The clerk, through Ormside Women’s Institute had written to McDonalds and Greggs asking for help with purchasing equipment. After the clean up residents asked for the possibility of dog poo bins near Eden Bank Farm and The Mill. Clerk to enquire with Ford at The Mill – The gap between the concrete ford and the stepping-stones has filled with large pebbles and make the water flow over the stones. Highways said clearing this was the landowner’s responsibility.
      vi)The Mill were to be asked about the possibility of using their footbridge when water levels make the stone impassable. The Mill declined access due to health and safety but were keen to assist with removing the pebbles.
  8. Public Comments
    Alan Scott pointed out that:
    i) The request for the Post Office to repaint the Ormside post box had not appeared on the agenda – the Clerk had reported this and was included in their area rounds.
    ii) Did the parish council know that the litter bin at the Ormside cross roads had disappeared. The clerk had noticed this had been smashed and knocked off its plinth mid April and had reported it to E.D.C for a replacement.
    iii) He asked where he could see the Ormside ward meeting minutes. These will be put on the website.iv) He was also concerned by the clerk’s comments regarding his communications regarding the A.A. signs. Mr Scott left the meeting at this point.
  9. Report on Good Councillors Course – Annabelle Innerdale and Dale Williams had attended this, which they described as brilliant although felt there was too much to deal with in two hours. Areas covered including planning, precepting costs, are parish councillors up to the job? And representing your electorate.
  10. Financial Statement
    The annual receipts and payments statement was approved having been internally audited. The Annual Return was completed and signed by the Chairman and the Clerk.
    Current Account stands at £5,079.38
    Deposit Account stands at £3,369.72

    Approval was received to sign the following cheques £292.60 clerks salary, £25.67 clerks expenses, £12 Colby Village Hall, £157.00 CALC Subs, £37 Ruth Longrigg (internal audit), £139.57 Aon insurance and when bill arrives £59 to CALC for 2x Good Councillor course.The Clerks salary will currently remain the same as NALC have not yet set the 2016/17 hourly rate.
  11. Footpaths – Posters and reporting slips are to be put on the Village noticeboards by the ward representatives.
  12. Planning Application
    New 16/0336 – Retrospective planning for combined summerhouse and storage shed and lamppost at Orchard House, Ormside for Mr D Williams
  13. Correspondence
    a) The clerk had requested E.D.C contact the owner’s at Hill Top, Burrels to have their septic tank emptied again as it was reported to her that the open ditch below Scar View was smelling of effluent again.
  14. Any Other Matters
    a) A request had been make to the clerk for the boundary stone between Appleby and Burrells near Wearisome to be repaired or replaced. The exact condition is to be ascertained and Historic England to be contacted for help in its restoration as part of the parish’s heritage.
  15. The next meeting was arranged to be held on Wednesday 3rd August 2016, at 7.30 p.m., in Ormside Village Hall.
  16. Deadline for agenda items 20th July 2016.
  17. The meeting was closed at 9.49 p.m.4 May 2016