Parish Meeting Minutes – 3 February 2016

Meeting held on Wednesday 3rd February 2016 at 7.30pm in Ormside Village Hall – Approved Minutes

Present: All 9 councillors under chairmanship of Jean Hutchison.

  1. There were no declarations of interest to report.
  2. The minutes of the meeting dated 11th November 2015 were read and signed as correct.
  3. Matters arising from the minutes:
    1. It was felt more details should have been put in the minutes regarding residents’ comments at the meeting re planning application no. 15/0927 in terms of bullet points i.e. environmental issues concerning possible pollution, wildlife and bunding breaches.
    2. Verification was made to the fact that the complaint procedure at 10d) 11.11.15 could only be aired and not decided on as it was not an agenda item at the meeting. Following this a log sheet is to be compiled by Councillor Wigley. This will be completed for all complaints/suggestions to be categorised and dealt with as set out in the standing orders by the clerk.
    3. Copper beech tree at Beechwood House, contrary to the verbal report at 5f) 11.11.15, the clerk had received a letter from CCC stating ‘the branches had been cut back and were no longer a problem’. It was reported that further cutting back has also been done.
    4. Drains outside Ormside Lodge – the works had commenced on 1st February and would be completed as soon as possible dependent upon the contractors being called away on seasonal on jobs e.g. gritting.
    5. Extension to Ormside speed limit – It was confirmed to ask Area Traffic Manager Daniel Evans & Martin Stephenson – Cumbria County Councillor to the next meeting to clarify the findings from the road traffic count to be installed during the (Easter holidays date to be ascertained).
    6. Condition of Wearisome – whilst the rubble remaining from the vehicle collision has been cleared away here, the damaged wall and roof on the front elevation and the boarding up of all the windows on the property have not been attended to. Further to this 2 dustbins and several overflowing bags of plaster debris etc. have recently been dumped at the front of the property. Caroline Brier at EDC to be contacted again to take proceedings.
    7. Black and white marker posts at Colby Laithes – these have been attended to.
  4. Public comments – no one present.
  5. Financial Statement – Current account £3,395.10; Deposit account £3,362.99. Approval was given to sign the following cheques – £292.60 clerk’s salary, £12.95 clerks expenses, Village Hall & to sign cheques for the hall hire for the annual ward meetings.
  6. Planning applications:New – 15/1058- Conversion & extension to former fuel store to self-contained home gym at Nether Hoff, Colby for Mr. & Mrs. Thursby – no objections.
    15/0801 – Proposed extension of existing dwelling into adjoining domestic store at Barnholme, Ormside for Mr. and Mrs. Marston.
    15/0802 – Listed as above at Barnholme
    15/1058 – As above at Nether Hoff.
    PD/PN- 16/0043 – Conversion of barns to 3 dwellings at White House Farm, Hoff for Mr. M. Dewis. This new planning category with government guidelines does not necessitate consultation with parish councils. Comments could be made but need to meet strict criteria e.g. access visibility/isolation etc.
  7. Correspondence
    Surveys for the village greens in Colby & Ormside had been received from the Friends of the Lake District to be completed & returned.
    Clean for the Queen – EDC are asking parishes to clean their verges and villages ahead of the forthcoming 90th birthday of the queen. Colby already has a resident who diligently attends to the village regularly. Other wards will be asked at the annual meetings for help. EDC will lend equipment & arrange to collect filled bags.
  8. Any other matters to report
    1. It was discussed whether minutes should be sent out to all councillors – although already on the website – prior to each meeting. Also to fix a timescale for the inclusion of agenda items.
    2. The banking up the footbridge over Hoff Beck along Drybeck road has been washed away again in the severe winter floods. Countryside Access to re-inspect for action.
  9. Date, time and place of next meetings:
    Hoff ward – Wednesday 2nd March at 7.30pm in New Inn
    Colby ward – Thursday 3rd March at 7.30pm in Village Hall
    Ormside ward – Monday 7th March at 7.30pm in Village Hall

Bandleyside – Wednesday 4th May at 7.30pm in Colby Village Hall.

There being no further business the meeting was closed at 9.02pm