Parish Meeting Minutes – 3 August 2016

Meeting held on Wednesday 3rd August 2016 at 7.30pm in Ormside Village Hall – Approved Minutes

  1. Present: Councillors Ian Sowerby (Acting Chairman), Dale Williams, Jonathan Wignall, David Dent, Geoff Atkinson, Annabelle Innerdale, the Clerk, and 2 members of the public.
  2. Apologies for absences were received from Jean Hutchison & Sue Wigley.
  3. Declarations of Interest – Dale Williams declared his interest in item 8 – 16/0336.
  4. The minutes of the meeting dated 4th May 2016 were read and signed as correct after minor alterations were made.
  5. Matters arising from the minutes:
    1. Extension to 30mph speed limit for Ormside – CCC had completed their traffic speed count with details to hand. The results showed a lower than anticipated average speed & confirmed CCC earlier decision for not approving an extension. CCC had noted that visibility when travelling in a south westerly direction from Great Ormside was not ideal and would be happy to discuss possible improvements with parish councillors and residents. Daniel Evans (CCC) is to be invited to the next meeting with his proposals. A resident suggested a footpath at this point with a possible continuation along the C3069 to Burrells.
    2. Condition of Wearisome – No action to date from the owner. EDC are shortly to receive quotes for the work and if acceptable will repair/board up as necessary and if not acceptable they will start court proceedings.
    3. Footpath – Hoff to Appleby parallel with B6260 – a report had been received from CCC outlining the existing situation with its costings., timing and practicalities. Further thoughts will be given by parish councillors and an acknowledgement to be sent to CCC.
    4. Positive communications with Wild Rose Park. The clerk had written to the owners who had subsequently phoned her. The owner was not aware of CCC correspondence regarding the ditches, so the clerk sent him copies. An arrangement was made for the owner to meet with CCC to clarify obligations. The owner will liaise with the AA re. the revised signage from Kirkby Stephen via Appleby & not through Soulby for 2017. Councillor Dale Williams will contact Sue Wigley to arrange to meet with the manager at WRP for an informal meeting.
    5. Blind summit signs for Ormside – 2 have been installed.
    6. Adoption of phone box for defibrillator in Ormside. The adoption has now been completed with the clerk receiving a signed copy of the completion document from BT. Bandleyside’s current insurance policy covers the box under street furniture & public liability. Councillor Williams had received a quote from Green Urban (the only local BT approved contractor) for £200 for installing & connecting the defibrillator to the mains supply. Bandleyside approved this for payment when the bills arrives. Alan Scott thanked BPC for agreeing to fund the installation & suitable recognition would be attached to the defibrillator.
    7. Clean for the Queen. McDonalds had donated 6 litter pickers which had been distributed through Ormside WI with a claim still to be assessed by Greggs at the end of August. The requested litter/dog poo bin has been installed at Eden Bank Farm by EDC.
    8. Broadband update for Ormside. Not in BT’s phase 2 & government only pledges 10 mgb by 2020 & will need 2 substations at £50,000 each. Lonsdale Net have test piloted 3 properties with a free month’s trial with very positive results. Government grants are available for the £150 installation fee, with a monthly rental of £29.99. There is currently no solution for the Heights area. Anyone interested in signing up should contract Dale Williams 017683 53460.
    9. Septic tank cleaning at Hill Top Barn, Burrells – Environmental Health could not detect any effluent smells but would ask the owners to empty their tank regularly as promised.
    10. Boundary stone Burrells/Appleby near Wearisome – Colin Smith from Mungrisedale is currently writing a book on boundary stones in Cumbria & has visited the area. He could not detect any siting due to overgrown vegetation but would revisit in winter & check any possible archive records.
    11. Footpath restoration. Rutter – Bandley Bridge. No work done yet to the access onto the footbridge Hoff-Rutter. The dislodged log steps Hoff-Bandleyside have been replaced with a complete new set of steps & a handrail. It was also noted, though not requested, that a complete replacement footbridge has been installed at Rutter Falls.
  6. Public comments:
    1. One Ormside resident raised points on AA signs for WRP, ditches under WRP jurisdiction, improved links with WRP & co-operation by their warden regarding a disturbance in the village. Also the reason why access over Ormside Mills footbridge was denied was from a child protection issue not health and safety (clerk misinformed).
    2. The other resident present acknowledged that the Parish Council & clerk had a difficult job to do. She said that the clerk with all her long-term knowledge and continued involvement with Ormside activities & Bandleyside’s matters was commendable.
  7. Financial Statement:
    Current a/c £4,370.29, Deposit a/c £3,369.72.
    Endorsement was given for the signing of cheques for £44.25 to CALC for 2 courses (1 full price, 1 half price) & £1 to BT for the adoption of the Ormside phonebox.
    Approval was given to sign cheques for £296.55 clerks’ salary (including backdated NALC approved payrise to 1st April).
    £44.58 clerk’s expenses & £12 Ormside village hall.
    The Chairman to do the annual clerks’ performance review.
  8. Planning applications:
    1. 15/0927 – Further correspondence on proposed slurry lagoon at Town Head Farm, Drybeck. Environment Agency’s comments accepted.
    2. Approved – 16/0336 Retrospective planning for combined summerhouse & storage shed & lamp post at Orchard House, Ormside for Mr. D. Williams.
  9. Parish Plan development – delayed until next meeting.
  10. Correspondence:
    Footway lighting update from EDC was available to read.
  11. Any other matters to report:
    1. Highways has left an exposed manhole cover in a deep hole on the inside corner near Pinfold in Colby – Highways Hotline to be contacted.
    2. The ditch between Chellow Cottage & Mid Town House, Colby has been damaged again by large vehicles. Highways to be contacted again with a view to the possible piping of the ditch with extra protection for the adjacent field wall.
    3. A fallen tree in Hoff Beck needs removing before it causes any future possible damage to Bandley Bridge. The riparian owners to be contacted.
    4. The fingerpost restoration team are to be contacted again to repaint the sign & post at Haybanks in Drybeck.
  12. The next meeting was arranged to be held on Wednesday 2nd November 2016 at 7.30pm in Colby Village Hall.
  13. Deadline for agenda items 19th October 2016.
  14. The meeting was closed at 9.50pm.