Parish Meeting Minutes – 2 November 2016

Meeting held on Wednesday 2nd November 2016 at 7.30pm in Colby Village Hall – Unapproved Minutes

  1. Present: Councillors Jean Hutchison (Chairman), Annabelle Innerdale, Geoff Atkinson, David Dent, Ian Sowerby & Dale Williams, with CCC Martin Stephenson.
  2. Apologies for absences were received from Councillors June Codd & Jonathan Wignall.
  3. Declarations of Interest – none to declare.
  4. A letter of resignation had been received by the chairman and clerk from Councillor Sue Wigley due to taking on a new voluntary role. The clerk to write to her thanking her for her commitment to Bandleyside over the past 4½ years.
  5. The minutes of the meeting dated 3rd August 2016 were read and signed as correct.
  6. Matters arising from the minutes:
    1. Road safety in vicinity of Ghyll House, Ormside – as there have been no accidents here, there is no obligation for CCC to provide any measures. Local provision could be made & Dale Williams would obtain costings for various signage.
    2. Condition of Wearisome – The inhouse quote received by EDC to secure and tidy the building was deemed rather excessive & 2 outside quotes are being sought. As this matter has been unresolved for a considerable length of time, EDC councillor William Patterson is to be contacted to possibly expedite this situation.
    3. Footpath parallel to B6260 Hoff-Appleby. After consideration of feasibility/costings/ etc. it was agreed to abort this matter.
    4. Positive communications with Wild Rose Park. Events at Wild Rose would be advertised on the Ormside website and Ormside events sited by posters at WRP. The ditches on Mill Lane are due for discussion by CCC & WRP.
    5. Manhole cover near Pinfold, Colby – this has been attended to.
    6. Ditch between Chellow Cottage & Mid Town House, Colby. Levels of inlet & outlet points have been taken by CCC and they are looking for a possible solution including putting a pipe under and across the road to lower land.
    7. Fallen tree across Hoff Beck, Hoff. This was removed by the landowners on 23rd
    8. Finger posts restoration at Haybanks, Drybecck – the ‘fingers’ have been removed & the post has been undercoated.
    9. Clerk’s performance review/appraisal – This has been completed by the chairman and clerk.
  7. Public comments – No one present.
  8. Financial Statement:
  • Current a/c £3795.16, Deposit a/c £3, 369.72.
  • With a futher cheque for £1,080 paid into the current account on 31st October from CALC for a grant claim for compliance with the Transparency Code. The clerk will arrange for training/setting up and maintaining a Bandleyside website and purchase of equipment. The endorsement of the signing of a cheque for £222 to Green Urban (electrical connection for Ormside defibrillator) was approved.
  • Approval was given to sign cheques for £292.50 clerk’s salary, £49.24 clerk’s expenses, £12 Colby village hall, & £7.23 Annabelle Innerdale (printing costs – footpaths).
  • The budget was presented and the Precept set at £2000 for 2017/18 being proposed by Ian Sowerby & seconded by Geoff Atkinson.
  1. Planning applications:
    1. 15/0927 – Slurry lagoon at Town Head Farm, Drybeck – at North Yorkshire Dales planning committee on 8th
    2. New 16/0778 – proposed alterations & extensions at Garth House, Colby for Mr. & Mrs. Martin-Walker – no objections.
  2. Footpaths – posters and comments slips had been put on the village noticeboards with some problems currently being raised by the public.
  3. Parish Plan Development – ideas for inclusion to be sought at the Ward meetings in March 2017.
  4. Correspondence:
    1. Colby phone box – BT are proposing to remove the phone and box. As this is the distribution point for village newspapers, an application is to be made by Bandleyside for its adoption – it was also approved that the newspaper box in Ormside could be moved into their adopted phonebox with the defibrillator.
    2. The EDC chairman’s carol service will be held on 12th December 6.30pm in St Andrew’s Church, Penrith.
    3. The CALC AGM will be held 12th November at 10.30am at the Castle Green Hotel, Kendal.
  5. Any other matters to report:
    1. Highways are to be asked to re-white the line at the junction with the U3256 & Mill Lane, Ormside on safety issues.
    2. BT Open Reach are to be asked to reinstate the verges & attend to a possible blocked drain in Drybeck after laying recent broadband cables.
    3. CCC Martin Stephenson gave an update on the 563 bus service Brough-Penrith, the future forthcoming redundancies & job restructuring at CCC and the consultation on the parliamentary boundary changes that will affect the whole of Bandleyside.
    4. Parish councillor Dale Williams tendered his resignation in writing. The clerk to write to him to thank him for his services during the past 18 months.
  6. The next parish council meeting to be held on Wednesday 8th February 2017 at 7.30pm in Ormside village hall.
  7. Deadline for agenda items 25th January 2017.