Parish Meeting Minutes -12 August 2015

Meeting held on Wednesday 12th August 2015 at 7.30pm in Ormside Village Hall – Approved Minutes

  1. Present: Councillors Jean Hutchinson (Chairman), Geoff Atkinson, Annabelle Innerdale, Jonathan Wignall, Ian Sowerby, Sue Wigley, Dale Williams and one member of the public.
  2. Apologies for absences were received from David Dentand & June Codd.
  3. Declarations of Interest were recorded for Sue Wigley, Ian Sowerby and Dale Williams at 5l) below.
  4. The minutes of the meeting dated 20th May 2015 were read and signed as correct and the minutes of future meetings will be recorded publicly at the Ormside Ramblings website.
    1. Fingerpost re-painting at Haybanks (Drybeck) – CCC replied that the next 5 years is booked up and this is a low priority job, but recognised that heritage is important and take this into account.
    2. Heights Road re-dressing – completed.
    3. ‘No through road’ sign to church in Ormside – replaced.
    4. Drains outside Ormside Lodge – CCC have programmed for October/November 2015.
    5. Water flooding out of Wild Rose Caravan Site yard – CCC have instructed Harrison Leisure to undertake necessary works to eradicate the problem.
    6. Gabion baskets at the Little Ormside ford – CCC have reinstated these and done a good job.
    7. Road surface between Chellow Cottage and Mid Town House, Colby – Due to unsatisfactory long-term results in previous years’ applications of materials this has been put back to the 2016/17 programming.
    8. Extension to 30mph speed limit for Ormside – A written reply is awaited, but verbally the DOT criteria is not met in this situation. The member of the public is still of the opinion that a transitional 30-40mph reduction should be installed.
    9. Footpath repairs Hoff – Rutter footbridge embankment – done.
    10. Bridleway crossing at Bandley Bridge – CCC has acknowledged that a new bridle bridge would be the obvious solution but very costly and with finances already allocated to similar situations with a higher priority. The Parish Council could match fund but still timely and costly. Historic maps show a ford with no ground signs currently evident. Councillor Atkinson can remember a ford so this may be a cheaper viable solution. Clerk to write again.
    11. Footpaths/bridleways in general – Contacts for problems reporting: Colby Ward – Annabelle Innerdale; Hoff ward – Jonathan Wignal; Ormside ward Dale Williams with this information to be put up on parish noticeboards.
    12. Grant for Ormside Village Hall – It was agreed that a maximum of £3000 be allocated.
  5. Public comments – Aired at 5h) above.
  6. Financial Statement
    1. Annual Return Report – now ready for public inspection and approval.
    2. Current account stands at £4,281.82. Deposit account stands at £3,362.99
    3. Cheques to sign – £280.50 clerk’s salary; £43.81 clerk’s expenses; £12 Ormside Village Hall.
    4. The scale for the clerk’s salary has been calculated and was set at level LC1 and scale rate 20 for an average of 2.25 hours per week = £1,158.30.
  7. Planning applications –
    1. New – 15/0546 Proposed rear porch/utility extension, removal of glazed roof and replacement of matching natural slates/ridge and garage alterations at Kangaroo House, Colby for J. S. Davidson – no objections.
    2. 15/0600 and 0601 – Listed Building and full applications for conversion and extension of barn to provide ancillary accommodation. Demolition of lean-to stable at Nether Hoff for Mr. Thursby – no objections.
    3. Consultation on mobile phone mast at Great Asby – suggested that all of mast and antennae be painted dark green.
    4. Approved – 15/0357 – Proposed 1 no. bay extension to existing silage pit at Low Rutter for R. Forrest.
    5. 15/0546 as above.
  8. Correspondence
    1. DALC Executive Committee Election – no parish councillor wished to be nominated.
    2. Eden Local Plan Consultation – no comments to be made.
    3. Bus service removal Appleby- Kendal College. This direct route will be discontinued with Appleby students having to travel to Penrith then down to Kendal.
    4. Local Delivery of Discretionary Services – these to be left as existing.
    5. Road closures – Hoff to Drybeck U3253 from 5th October for 2 days for paving works; Ormside U3256 from 19th October for 5 days for drainage and patching works – school bus access to be ascertained.
  9. Any other matters to report
    1. Risk assessments updates – 3 ward councillors would complete these as necessary.
    2. Overhanging copper beech tree at Beechwood House. Ormside. Councillor Williams would contact the owners to discuss the situation to ascertain any remedial action.
    3. Large stones on road verge at Orchard House, Ormside. An Ormside resident had expressed concerns over the dangerous positioning of 2 stones. Councillor Sowerby had spoken to the owner at Orchard House Councillor Dale Williams who said he would not remove them. As they are on Highways property CCC are to be asked to attend to the situation – clerk to write to CCC.
    4. Garden waste skip for Ormside – Whilst it has been ascertained verbally that EDC are only providing skips to those villages already in a previous scheme, a resident has requested written confirmation specific to Ormside is to be obtained from the Clerk.
    5. The Clerk is to request Highways to cut all road verges within Bandleyside.
    6. It is to be logged that some residents recently staying at Wild Rose Caravan Park have illegally driven a private tractor parked in a neighbouring field and caused damage to it and the fence.
  10. The next meeting was arranged to be held on Wednesday 11th November 2015 at 7.30pm at Colby Village Hall and to invite CCC Martin Stephenson.
  11. There being no further business the meeting was closed at 9.45pm.