Parish Meeting Minutes – 11 November 2015

Meeting held on Wednesday 11th November 2015 at 7.30pm in Colby Village Hall – Approved Minutes

  1. Present: Councillors Jean Hutchinson (Chairman), Geoff Atkinson, Annabelle Innerdale, Jonathan Wignall, June Codd, David Dent, Ian Sowerby, , Dale Williams, CC Councillor Martin Stephenson and 6 members of the public.
  2. Apologies for absences were received from parish councillor Sue Wigley.
  3. Declarations of Interest were recorded for Dale Williams for item 5e).
  4. The minutes of the meeting dated 12th August 2015 were read and signed as correct once item 10c) was amended to read ‘he would not remove them until he had written evidence from CCC for their removal’
  5. Matters arising from the minutes:
    1. Drains outside Ormside Lodge – works here have been delayed but would be done soon.
    2. Extension to speed limit for Ormside (transitional 40mph to 3mph) – CCC Traffic Manager Daniel Evans had sent an email to Martin Stephenson stating DOT criteria. The area was not covered by any of the stated criteria but Highways would do a traffic count early in the new year. After discussion it was agreed to write and ask for the count to be done in the Easter holidays when there would be more traffic and to invite Mr. Evans to the May meeting.
    3. Bridleway across Bandley Bridge – David Clare the Countryside Access Officer has visited the site with regard to reinstating a ford. This is deemed impractical but would include the need for a bridle bridge on their Structures Priority List and give it due consideration.
    4. Risk assessments in each ward – completed with action necessary.
    5. Stones on verge outside Orchard House, Ormside – parish councillor Dale Williams had received the necessary confirmation from CCC for their removal & had removed them.
    6. Overhanging copper beech branches at Beechwood House, Ormside – Dale Williams had a verbal conversation with CCC who said they did not any attention & were not a problem.
    7. Garden waster skip for Ormside – written confirmation had been received from EDC that there was no further current funding from central government to extend this service to include Ormside – other alternatives were suggested.
    8. Road repairs U3253 – Hoff to Drybeck road – done.
    9. Drainage & patching works U3256 – Ormside – done.
  6. Public comments – aired at 5b & planning application 15/0927. Also Mr. Wilson-Fish at Colby said he had available free hazel saplings to encourage red squirrels & surplus apples. He also had information on projects to help make Colby Beck more trout friendly – this is to be discussed at the Colby ward meeting in March 2016.
  7. Financial Statement – Current account stands at £3,945.51 & Deposit account £3,362.99. Approval was given to sign the following cheques – £292.60 clerks salary, £36.81 clerks’ expenses, £12 Colby village hall & to pay EDC for the uncontested 2 election fees of £210 by BACS. The 2016/17 Precept was discussed and same as last year proposed by Ian Sowerby & seconded by Jonathan Wignall.
  8. Planning applications – New a. 15/0801 Proposed extension to existing dwelling into adjoining domestic store at Barnholme, Ormside for Mr & Mrs. Marston. b. 15/0802 – Listed consent for above – letters of support for both to be sent. c. 15/0927 – Proposed slurry lagoon at Town Head Farm, Drybeck for Mr. N. Sowerby – concerned members of the public present at the meeting expressed their feelings – comments to be sent accordingly. d. Approved – 15/0600 – Proposed conversion & extension of barn to provide ancillary accommodation and demolition of lean-to stable at barn, Nether Hoff, Colby for Mr. & Mrs. Thursby. e. 15/0601 – Listed consent for the above.
  9. Correspondence a. Eden Local Plan document 2014 – 2032 available for anyone to view. b. Extension to Yorkshire Dales National Park –Drybeck is now within the area. c. Road closures – Colby Lane C3059 Barrowmoor Road to Barrowmoor Farm from 16th Nov for 45 weeks – BT manholes. Broadmire, Ormside C3068 from 23rd Nov for 3 days – BT manholes. d. Condition of Wearisome – the owner had requested more time to board up & tidy away the rubble because he hadn’t had time to attend to it. EDC had granted an extension until 27th January 2016 & if not done by then EDC will prosecute.
  10. Any other matters to report a. The black & white marker posts on the triangular grass verge at the entrance to Colby Laithes need re-aligning/replacing. b. The owners at Strathmore, Colby had asked for permission to erect their own sign saying ‘Strathmore & Colby Hall only’. This was granted. c. The Highways were aware of a blocked drain in the vicinity of Newlands Farm, Drybeck. d. The parish council’s complaints procedure was briefly aired to be discussed at the next meeting. e. It was to be put on the village noticeboards that the minutes are available at
  11. The next meeting was arranged to be held on Wednesday 3rd February 2016 at 7.30pm in Ormside Village Hall.
  12. There being no further business the meeting was closed at 9.55pm and Martin Stephenson was thanked for his attendance.