Ormside Ward Annual General Meeting – 7 March 2016


The Annual Ormside Ward meeting was held on Monday 7th March 2016 at 7.30 p.m., in the Village Hall.

  1. Present were Parish Councillors Ian Sowerby and Dale Williams and 25 residents.
  2. CHAIRMAN Ian Sowerby was elected being proposed by Alan Simpson and seconded by Chris Pearson.
  3. APOLOGIES for absence were received from Parish Councillor Sue Wigley.
  4. THE MINUTES of the meeting dated 5th March 2015 were read and signed as correct.
  5. MATTERS ARISING out of the minutes:
    1. Drains outside Ormside Lodge – these are slowly being done.
    2. ‘No through road’ sign to Little Ormside – done.
    3. Ditch cleaning from railway bridge to Mill along Mill Lane and water flowing out of caravan site works yard – despite Highways letters to Wild Rose no action has taken place – further representation to be made to C.C.C.
    4. Extension to 30mph speed limit – a road traffic speed count is to be done during the Easter holidays with the results to be reported to the Bandleyside meeting in May.
    5. AA directional signs to Wild Rose Park. In 2014 these were erected in several locations from Appleby and Kirkby Stephen, highways were asked to have them removed. They were removed, but have recently been re-erected. Highways to be asked to remove them again by a unanimous vote, clerk to write to C.C.C.
    6. Defibrillator – Enquiries had been made with BT to site this in the village phone box as it was felt that the village hall was not a sensible place to put it. There is currently still a phone in the box and BT will have to do a survey to establish its need. If there is insufficient need for a phone then Bandleyside can adopt the box to put the defibrillator in it. BT has agreed to pay for the electrical supply for 7 years. It was agreed by majority to proceed down this line.
    7. Garden waste skip – A written report had been received from E.D.C. that no money was currently available to extend this service for Ormside and that any such provision is a non statutory duty.
    1. Highways had confirmed that the Little Ormside road bridge was safe to use, and that the upstream training walls had been identified and recorded on the flood damage log for repair during the E.A. window June to September 2016.
    2. The blocked drains have been reported along by Bromley Green with the Area Response team visiting the area. Verbally resolving that they are blocked with gravel and some sewage, with further draining towards Ormside Mill a possibility.
  7. PLANNING APPLICATIONS – These have been dealt with by the Parish Councillors as and when appropriate and have included a full and listed building application for proposed extension to existing dwelling into the adjoining domestic store at Barnholme.
    Burtons – No grants given during the year.
    Poor Stock – 4 grants given of £5 each at Christmas.

    The two charities currently receive very little in the way of interest. Chris Pearson, the secretary, had consulted with the 3 Trustees regarding amalgamation of funds in the 2 accounts and re-investing in a higher interest account since these require a minimum investment of £1000. The total of the 2 accounts would qualify for this. It was agreed that Chris contacts the Charities Commission to clarify the position and deal with any such amalgamation.

  9. VILLAGE HALL REPORT – Hall improvements, a questionnaire had been completed by residents and various meetings held. A grant for an architect’s service had been approved by C.C.C. Martin Stephenson’s discretionary fund and provisional plans were expected by Easter 2016 for further discussion. The total of the 2 Building Society accounts is £11,571.14 with £6,174.78 in investments.
  10. CUTTING OF THE VILLAGE GREEN & VERGE TIDYING – Ian Sowerby thanked all residents for keeping their areas neat and tidy and asked the clerk to write to Andy Forrester thanking him for cutting the village green whilst in the village, also to ask if he was willing to continue and did we owe him any money.
  11. CLEAN FOR THE QUEEN – Litter picking of the verges in our area was arranged for Saturday 2nd April with volunteers meeting at the Village Hall at 10.00 a.m., E.D.C. are to lend all equipment and provide blue rubbish bags.
  12. COMMEMORATIVE COINS FOR THE QUEEN’S 90TH BIRTHDAY – It was decided not to purchase any of these.
  13. POSITIVE COMMUNITY LINKS WTH WILD ROSE PARK – Julie Scott had approached the new Manager at W.R.P. with a view to any links. He seemed positive to help, however from past non-communication from the owners of Harrison Leisure it was agreed no further action should be taken. Julie had prepared a possible flyer about Ormside to be handed out to all visitors at W.R.P, which Alan Scott distributed at the meeting after Julie prematurely left.
  14. BROADBAND – Chris Pearson raised the issue of how slow this was in Ormside. He will make initial enquiries for lobbying BT and explore possibilities to have High Speed Broadband in Ormside.
    1. It was reported that the post box needs repainting – the clerk to contact the Post Office.
    2. The Mill is to be contacted by the clerk with a view to using their footbridge, (which has a locked gate) during times when the stepping-stones are inaccessible.
    3. Highways to be contacted for (i) removing the pebbles between the ford crossing and the stepping stones at The Mill and (ii) the possible provision of a ‘blind summit’ sign at the top of the Lease near the station when entering village.
  16. There being no further business the meeting was closed at 9.20 p.m.