Council Minutes

Bandleyside Council Minutes and Ward AGM’s can now be found on their new Website:


screen-shot-2016-11-19-at-11-15-00In November 2002, the new parish council of Bandleyside was “born” at a meeting of Eden District Council, when it was agreed to group together the neighbouring villages of Hoff, Colby and Ormside.


With Bandley Beck running through both Hoff and Colby, Ormside contributed the second half of its name to the newly created Parish – hence Bandleyside.

The parish council would consist of nine people three from each village.


Contact:   The Clerk – Mrs BA Colbear

Heights Farm
CA16 6EP

Phone: 017683 5313

The Ward of Ormside represents the residents of Little and Great Ormside and The Heights – some 70 homes in total.