Hall Improvement

So…Whats happened in the last 2 weeks!!!

In answer to the question – we’ve had our Summer!!!!
Overall the last two weeks have been dreadful, with the exception of the two days its been really cold and very, very damp – the very worst conditions for painting.
It’s really amazing the skills that between us, Ormside possess, none less important than our now retired painter, who has demonstrated upper body strength akin to Arnold Schwarzenegger, as he wielded giant rollers loaded with paint as though they were a box of tissues!!!  the overall result is impressive as you can see below:
just a few areas to touch up and the Main Hall walls and ceiling are painted.
The overall progress hasn’t stopped there – with the kitchen painted (just final coats to the door frame and Velux) and kitchen units in the process of being fitted
The lobby is also progressing well, with base coats on most things, the cupboard painted out and the new boiler in position
 and even outside, the last few days of sunshine have allowed us to make a start on transforming the exterior – and already we can see what an improvement “a lick of paint” can make (just look at that lovely BLUE SKY!!)
So – what of the forthcoming week? All the “sears” predict at best an average week (“When the ass begins to bray – surely rain will come that day!”). There are, though, a number of areas to be painted around the lobby and toilets, door frames and the suchlike, and if anyone fancies the challenge – Capticks have given me a sample of a “Magic Potion” which they (almost) guarantee will bring the lobby floor back to normal (just enough to trial around the boiler so we’re not looking at the full floor…..yet!).
In terms of volunteers – Monday is a bad day to visit the Hall as the boiler flue is being fitted (so please don’t turn up – there wont be the space to allow you to “express” yourselves) and our Carpenter is looking to do a day on either Thursday or Friday (yet to be confirmed) but throughout the rest of the week – if you find yourselves at a loose end for a few hours -we should be able to find you some painting (if you have a favourite paint brush – feel free to bring it!).
Please call in or give me a call to check (07775 822610) – I look forward to seeing you throughout the week.

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