Hall Improvement

As we approach the Easter weekend – how are we doing?

In short – really well!

Despite my doubts last weekend, regarding being able to reach our deadline for the start of the plastering phase we did it – a really tremendous effort by no few fewer than 11 of our neighbours giving up their time to ensure that everything was ready.

And then just as we were completing the securing of the insulation and plasterboard “fixing” the  Plasterers phoned up on Sunday evening asking if they could start their work a week earlier. Because of our efforts we were able to take advantage of this offer.

Main Hall 1
Main Hall2







Kitchen Wall
Lobby Cupboard







As we stand on Good Friday, the kitchen wall has been plastered together the 4 walls of the main Hall  (just the inside of two windows to complete). That leaves the lobby and the new cupboard to be done, by what they promise to be next weekend.

Obviously, there now needs to be a period during which the plaster dries out – but things will be ready for the delivery of our new kitchen on Thursday 12 April.

We are now slightly ahead of schedule and I’m looking at anything that we can pull forward without damaging what are, for the moment ‘soft’ finishings to the walls.

Additionally, the plinth for the Oil Tank is now complete – another “back breaking” job – thank you to all involved.

Our completed Plinth

Way ahead of our “Phase 4” external landscaping initiative – I’m sure that you’ll already have noticed the tremendous improvement to the hedging in the area around the entrance (and thank you for all the positive comments that we’ve received about this improvement). Obviously, it was important to do any of this type of work ahead of any nesting birds and to allow nature to “take its course” over the imminent, forthcoming growing season. With April now only a day away, any further work will have to be scheduled for later in the year.

The amazing view from our Hall window

The next big drive will be painting – but more about that during the next couple of weeks.

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