Hall Improvement

3 weeks in and an awful lot done!

Our view from our Hall Window after some intensive gardening work
At the end of our 3rd week we are pretty much running to schedule.
We have:
  • All of the Hall stripped out and re-cladded with insulation (we still have the lobby and kitchen to complete and this is now a priority)
  • The new window is fitted
  • New window sills fitted throughout.
  • All windows fully insulated and boarded
  • “First-fix” electrical wiring completed
  • “First-fix” piping for the Central Heating installed
  • The trench for the oil pipe dug
  • The plinth to house the Oil tank started (this needs to be a focus for us to complete over the next couple of weeks)
  • Main Hall and Kitchen roof spaces fully insulated (the Lobby still to be completed)
Insulation around the windows
First Fix “Electrics” in the Kitchen
Piping for our Central           Heating




The trench for the Oil Pipe



Roof Space – Insulated
Apart from the outstanding work above (lobby and kitchen wall insulation, oil tank plinth and lobby loft insulation) we are now able to focus on ‘rebuilding’ our Hall.
I do have some concern about the weather delaying an important delivery of our plaster boards tomorrow (Monday 19th) and so to achieve our plan for the Plasterers to complete their work w/c 2 April, we do need a drive to get the boards up by the Easter Holiday weekend.
Our work focus during the next few weeks will be as follows:
W/C 19 & 26 March 2018
  • Finish off the “battening” in main hall
  • Clad external wall in the Kitchen and lobby with insulation and board
  • Screw final plasterboards to the battening in the Main Hall
W/C 2 April 2018
  • Complete the Oil Plinth
  • Build Cupboard in the Lobby
  • Insulate the roof space above the Lobby
 In order to keep the momentum going we could do with about 4 volunteers to cut the plasterboards to size and to fix them to the wall. If anyone can spare a few hours next Friday/Saturday or Sunday ( 23-25 March) it will be very much appreciated – please bring along your screwdriver (Phillips Head) and a Stanley Knife/ Plasterboard knife. Please just drop me a line confirming your availability that I can plan the time.
We’ve turned the corner, and although the finishing line is still some way off – we can at least SEE IT!

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