Hall Improvement

Where has 250metres of wood batons gone?

As promised, it’s been a quieter week from a village participation point of view, but never-the-less we’ve achieved a lot and already the Hall is transformed – we now have 8 inches of insulation in the loft to complement  the insulation on the walls, but perhaps more importantly from a visual perspective, we now have a window in the kitchen – and what a difference it makes!





                                                             This is a huge improvement to the kitchen

also below, (the boring bit – but probably the worst job of the whole renovation)  the insulated roof space

Although its only Thursday, I’m afraid that work on the hall has now finished until next week – we’ve run out of materials! Somewhere in the Hall is 250metres of battening wood – and I’ve now ordered a further 56m which should be delivered on Tuesday.

Next week (w/c11th), our work requirements are again “light”. We’re looking to fit new window sills, clad the window surrounds making ready for the Electrician and Heating Engineer to do their bits.

In terms of volunteers, Steve and I would welcome couple of extra hands to build the Oil Tank Plinth and dig a trench for the oil pipe – both need completing by the end of next week. Please give me a call (07775 822610)

We look forward to hearing from you!

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