Hall Improvement

Hall Improvement Meeting 5 July 2016


Attended by 29 village residents, the meeting overwhelmingly supported the above concept proposal.

The Village Hall Improvement Committee were asked to look into amending 3 Areas:

  1. The Sedum Roof. How large would be the cost penalty of replacing it with a pitched slate roof? (this would entail a significant redesign of the existing roof as to achieve the minimum of a 30 degree pitch, the apex would have to be moved to above the northerly wall with a completely new roof) or replacing sedum with either zinc or copper? What is the maximum slope for a sedum roof?
  2. The toilets were seen as being too few for the future plans for the hall.
  3. The kitchen was also regarded as too small.

In all, a very positive meeting with huge support for the initiative. It was agreed to update the website as things progress, and also position an additional noticeboard in the village hall for neighbours unable to access the internet.

1 thought on “Hall Improvement Meeting 5 July 2016”

  1. Hi Looks really impressive Kind Regards Sandra

    Sandra and Chris Gordon 2 High Farm Close Carlton Village TS21 1AN



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